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Can't decide what paint color to paint a wall or a piece of furniture? Behr recently revealed the top-selling interior paint colors so you can take the guesswork out of the process.

The results are in: just revealed the most popular interior paint colors, based on the most purchased paints at The Home Depot. And to no surprise, they're all stunning. Behr color expert Erika Woelfel shared with us her forecast for each color family, and the most popular Behr shades to use in your next DIY project or on your walls. Below, check out these gorgeous paint colors in homes and expert tips on how to incorporate them throughout your spaces.

1. Interior Paint Colors: Porcelain Peach

"Oranges are transitioning from sweet and tropical to burnt and brewed with a cast of red," says Woelfel. Here, a calmer shade of the zippy color is shown on the walls. It's perfect for rooms with minimal lighting since the buttery color makes the space feel warm. For furniture, stick to whites, creams, and other neutrals so the color doesn't overpower the room, and avoid black (you don't want the room feel like it's Halloween).

2. Interior Paint Colors: Behr Very Navy

"Vivid blues are also being toned down in favor of deep, smoky blues and variations of indigo, denim and navy," says Woelfel. Deep blues are best for social spaces, like the living room, to make the space feel inviting and full of energy.

3. Interior Paint Colors: Pale Honey

"Yellows are moving away from sunlit and subtle, and towards deep, saturated shades," says Woelfel. "Expect to see both brassy green and warm orange versions in upcoming palettes." These warmer shades, as seen here, are less risky than traditionally bright hues. But if you want to stick to bright yellow shades, use them as accents.

4. Interior Paint Colors: In The Moment

"The green color family is trending toward cool, spruce shades and mint and pistachio pastels, as well as dark, edgy forest greens," says Woelfel. So why choose green? It's less expected than blue but just as versatile. It instantly energizes a room and brings the outdoors inside. Here, these minty walls resemble the sky, creating a calming effect.

5. Interior Paint Colors: Swirling Water Paint

"Popular purples now range anywhere from red-cast, wine-influenced tones to deep plums and light, dusty lilacs," says Woelfel. You might shy away from this royal color because it reminds you of your childhood, but a soft lilac, as pictured here, brightens a room instead of making it childlike. This shade can also soften large, masculine pieces of furniture and pops against a contrasting color like green.

6. Interior Paint Colors: Dark Crimson

"Bright, red-hot hues will give way to rustier versions with orange and brown undertones," says Woelfel. Afraid to incorporate this zesty color into your home? Infuse it into details like pillows, a hamper, or a wooden mirror — or stick to one accent wall.

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